Dillon Couvillon


Dillon Couvillon

Three is NEVER a crowd!

You have heard the saying "two is company and three is a crowd" I'm sure. Today, I'm here to tell you that the ODDS are always in your favor.

In the design world there is a known secret that using an odd number of things in a space, can create a vibe or add to the fluidity of a room. I know it sounds weird but let me explain, and then let me show you.

We naturally love to look at things and see things as symmetrical, that means the same thing on both sides. Think about it, in your room you probably have two of A LOT of things, like two of the exact same night-stands on either side of your bed. You probably have two matching lamps on those tables, and then not to mention the two pictures you have hanging side by side perfectly lined up. (Thanks to our level headed lipstick tutorial) Think about it, you even have two shoes!

It's ok, it's natural I don't blame you. Biologically we are just trained to love symmetry. So let's use that to our advantage. Symmetry doesn't only come in two's or only in even numbers. We can create that same symmetry with the power of three and make any space in your home seem a little grander than your walls actually allow it to be.

Here's how it works. Our eyes love to focus on a middle ground, or have a neutral point. We love seeing things even if you will. Look at those two pictures you have on the wall. Wether you know it or not, your eye is actually focusing on the space between them. Why? Because that is the middle ground. So now, lets create a middle ground but give it a focal point, rather than the empty space between two frames. Let's add a third picture.

By adding a third photo to the wall, your eye now focuses on the image hanging in the middle, and then expands outwards towards the other two, tricking the eye into thinking the space is larger than it actually is, and giving the wall a grander look.

This isn't a trick that is going to work for you little 5x7 frames hanging on the wall, its all about the right proportions. (Although grouping smaller items into 3 will have the same effect on a shelf or mantle)

This isn't only the case with your wall space. The rule of 3rds applies to lighting as well. We do it all the time in commercial and residential spaces. Hanging pendant lights in a row of three will make any kitchen counter look longer and larger. Using that middle light, you will get an automatic focal point for the eye to be drawn towards.

Be open and aware that three isn't the ONLY magic number. Any number that will give you a balance on both sides of the center fixture (or picture) will help you achieve this. 

Apply this rule to mirrors, seating, and so much more in your house. See what we mean down below, and watch how the symmetry is natural and an instant fix to any space.

We look forward to helping you achieve any kind of symmetry in your home. Whether it's lighting, furniture, frames or more, let us know how we can help. Send us your before and afters to be featured on the site!