Dillon Couvillon


Dillon Couvillon

Bank account is dry, but the paint on the wall isn't?

I hope it has never happened to you, but it's a real possibility when designing and decorating a room. You have a plan, you purchase what you need, you get to work and then you notice you start buying this, and then you purchase that, next you charge this, and then you use a coupon for that. Surprise you're budget is busted, and you haven't even finished putting the room together yet. 

If that hasn't happened to you, great, but if it has, you know the headache it is. I'm here to give you a little advice about the 3 biggest budget busters when doing a room, and the three budget boosters that you should consider as your working.

BUDGET BUSTER #1 - Anytime you see an advertisement for an entire room all for a low price of $xxxx, DO NOT BUY. Its a bundle deal sure, but now your room has no individual personality and all of your furniture is uniform. (Its like bed-in-a-bag, but for your furniture)

BUYER TIP: When you buy individual items you can wheel and deal a bit more in a furniture store for each piece. When its a bulk bundle purchase, you are getting what they offer without any customization.

Often times if you price out each item individually as well, its cheaper. You may not have the square footage in your room that the showroom does and perhaps you can't fit the 19 drawer dresser on the 2-foot wall between your closet and door frame. 

BUDGET BUSTER #2 - replacing flooring can be the biggest headache and budget drainer on any renovation project. No matter how dirty, pet-pee-stained, trampled, scuffed and tattered your flooring may be, know that there are other options to fix them besides tearing them out. floor coverings like rugs, mats, runner and more can be layered and be paired with others to cover the entire area.

DESIGNER TIP: You may buy a rug from a store and spend a nice penny on it, but did you know that you can also get it custom cut to fit your space. This tailoring of a rug can make the floor have a second life and hide anything you want.

If you have flooring and you don't want to pull it up, but have the time and money to change it, look into an heavy duty floor paint that is stronger and more resistant to higher traffic areas. 

BUDGET BUSTER #3 - Lighting can make the biggest impact in a room. We've talked baout recessed lighting and why we love it, but it CAN be a budget buster. The labor involved with the install for individual recessed lights requires individual cuts for each light, then to be properly insulated. Opting for a wall or ceiling-mounted light fixture can help you save some cash. Typically those mounted fixtures have a stronger wattage, which means you would need fewer in the space. It's about $900 to hire someone to install 6 recessed lights, but hiring someone to install a single mount fixture runs only about $300, saving you $600!

Now that you have saved that $600, let's talk about 3 ways to get the most out of your budget and boost it by making your money work for you.

BUDGET BOOSTER #1 - When you are ready to add the finishing touches to your decor and stage the room, don't head to home decor stores for your knick-nacks and decor. Those stores are in business to sell those exact items.

BUYER TIP: Consider shopping at stores whose primary inventory is not home decor, but do offer items in store or online. TJ Maxx, ROSS, Marshall's are just a few you should check out. Their main market is clothing and apparel, but they each have a hoe section. Their options are usually wholesale. While they may not be as abundant as a Pier 1, Home Goods, or World Market, you can find the perfect accents and shelf fillers for much cheaper prices.

BUDGET BOOSTER #2 - Rules are meant to be broken! Just because an item has its use or description on a label, does NOT mean that is the only thing you are allowed to use it for! Often times I have bought extra long canvas shower curtains and used them as actual curtains in a room. They are usually cheaper and more durable since they are handled more than curtains in your living room. The same is true for a rug. Have you priced those suckers lately? I stood on a $10,000 hand painted rug the other day, they are pricey. I suggest even opting for a low pile outdoor rug. They are more durable and less in production and typically are lower priced than a a typical indoor rug can be. 

BUDGET BOOSTER #3 - Look-alike! Sure there is a name brand lamp for $600 and you can find the knock-off one for 1/4 the price. That is of course a savings, but that is not the look alike I am talking about. For structural elements like a wooden beam, you can trick everyone. I love a wooden beam in an open floor plan. If you are installing one, you want to make sure they are stable, attractive and serve a purpose for all of the money you are spending for it, right? There are companies who create that very look for 1/9 the price. Faux Wood Beams have a variety of items that give you the same look. Think about it, this isn't an item everyone is going to be touching and revealing your secret, so fool them all.

The same is true with flooring, sure you want something durable like a great solid hardwood, but companies sell a hybrid flooring material like Lyptus that is a eucalyptus hybrid that gives the exact same look and feel as mahogany. (Have you ever priced mahogany? Don't just looking at the price tag will blow your budget and your mind.)

We look forward to working with you on ANY BUDGET for your home. Let us know how we can help. Send us your before and afters to be featured on the site!