Dillon Couvillon


Dillon Couvillon

Ever been told you are afraid of commitment?

Be honest, we all have had that phase. In a relationship its one thing, but just as in a relationship, sometimes it takes a little bit to commit to an idea or transformation of your space. It can seem like a daunting task. Theres paint, the investment of your time, and the purchasing of furniture. (Thank god for warranties!)

Just like dating, it takes some convincing and realization to agree to make such a commitment to make changes to your space. For those of you who who are "commitment-phobes" I'm here to give you non permanent ways to change your space into the room you want. For those who are willing to jump right in, perhaps these ideas can help you as well.

Renting a place that isn't one you own does not have to mean that the space can not be personalized. Of course get your landlord's approval, but why should you be forced to live with a style that isn't your own. It's like wearing shoes that are 2 sizes too small, why suffer? Get the right ones!

Here are my 4 ways to change your space into the one you want, without the long-term commitment.

FAKE IT TIL YOU MAKE IT! Remember when you were in school and you used to have to protect all of your textbooks with contact paper? Protection isn't the only thing it offers, now, it can help you fake an expensive look too!

Contact paper comes in a variety of colors, patterns, styles and finishes, including stainless steel. Oh yes we are going there! Stainless steel contact paper can be used to cover appliances like your fridge. If you've got mis-matched appliances from your landlord and want to "upgrade them" cover them with non permanent contact paper. It's an instant upgrade at only $15 a roll. Soon your kitchen will look like a state-of-the-art cooking experience.

WALK ALL OVER ME! Maybe that sounds like more a reason a relationship didn't work out, BUT in the design sense, this is a quick and easy way to get those ceramic tile, hardwood, or marble floors you dream of but your budget can't afford.

I'm sure you have rugs in your house now, but choosing one that gives the appearance of hardwood, or Spanish style tile, or any other luxurious floor texture is a game changer! It obviously hides dips, stains and imperfections on your actual floors, but this will help tie a room together. Check out the ones at FLOR, you can customize a rug and piece it together to fit your room.

PUT UP OR SHUT UP! Paint may even seem a little to permanent to those looking for a change of design. There is another option though. Wallpaper. Now I know you are probably thinking that wallpaper is permanent with glue and all. This is true... MOST of the time.

Temporary wall paper is a great way to change your walls, and no brush or drop cloth needed. Those little crummy wall stickers are my idea of design, but some wallpaper like Tempaper, use that same sticker concept, but it peels right off when you are done with it, leaving no mess or damage behind. They even let you design your own custom style.

'TILE DEATH DO US PART! Do you have the ugliest, most hideous shade of pink or split pea soup green tiles in your bathroom or kitchen as backsplash? Well if you do, you can now say that you USED to have them. And know we are not chiseling them out!

You can now cover them up with individual decals, or even sporadic to create your own design. 2Jane is a company that creates tile decals that can be placed right over the crappy color or awful placement and design your landlord refuses to update. They come in all sizes colors and can instantly make your room have a new look for less than the price of actual tile.

We look forward to helping you make decisions when it comes to your space, whether temporary or permanent. Let us know how we can help and send us your before and afters to be featured on the site!