Dillon Couvillon


Dillon Couvillon

There's something about a boutique hotel.

I can remember growing up and going on family vacation, one of my favorite parts of traveling was staying at a hotel. It didn't matter if we were going to Disney  World or the Dollar Store, I just loved staying in a hotel.

As I got older and began traveling on my own, my taste in where I stayed began changing and becoming more refined. There's just something about staying in a different place that seems like its your home for a little while and being swept away by the design and style of it all.

The reality is, you are probably not going to live in a hotel for the rest of your life. HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that you can't have the same feel and vibe in your home as your favorite boutique hotel. (And NO, just buying sheets called "hotel collection" won't get you that feel!)

More and more people are renting out their homes or spare rooms in their house for extra income. Do what you need, but I'm just here letting you know a few design tricks and trends that hotels use that will have your guest thinking your place is a 5-star home.

SECRET #1 - Go BIG or Go HOME! Go for the most drama in the smallest places. Typically the smallest place in a hotel room is the bathroom. In your guest bathroom, make a BIG statement! opt for a durable wallpaper, with a design that is going to move your eye UP! Sometimes you want a room to feel wider so you draw the eye the length of the space, but for this, draw the eye up.

The room will feel taller and more luxurious. You want to evoke the feeling of height, drama, and sophistication, and the more the eye travels up, the more your guest, or you, will feel as though it's vacation.

DESIGN TIP: Skip the bold wide stripes and opt for a repeating pattern that goes from floor to ceiling. Stripes will feel like any other design, where a vertical pattern will help the room feel unique and give a more personal luxury vibe.

SECRET #2 - Mirrored actions. We have all stayed in a hotel room that has the mirrored sliding closet doors, or the full length mirror hanging on the back of the door. Modern hotels, boutique and franchise chains, are starting to include mirrors in more unique and creative ways. 

You can go for a collection or grouping of mirrors to provide a focal point on a wall, or you can include mirrored furniture and accents in your design. The mirrored look adds a touch of sophistication, cleanliness and class when done right.

DEISGN TIP: Mirrored dressers and side tables are becoming a design staple in many rooms. These can make a room look bigger, and reflect more light. But opt for those that have more room around them rather than mirror blocks. The more space you can see under and around a table the less it SEEMS to take up.

SECRET #3 - LIGHT them up! Ever notice that the hotel lobby seems to have the biggest chandelier or light fixture, but the lighting in the room is never bright enough? Light fixtures are just like art. (See our post "3's Company" on grouping light fixtures) 

Boutique hotels often times will skip art on the wall's because they have chose an artistic wall paper and light fixtures to serve as the art in the room. In your space, you want the light to work over-time for you and your guest. Let it bring light to the room, but also make sure it catches your attention. Ever seen a ceiling fan in a hotel room? No, because even the Red Roof Inn knows a lamp in the corner will catch your eye, more than a ceiling fan eye-sore.

DESIGN TIP:  Lights hung in a grouping at different levels, or tabletop lamps with structural bases, and even consider painting the inside of your lampshades a reflective metallic. The color you choose will reflect light in the room, changing the mood and catching your eye.

SECRET #4 - Accent-u-ate the hell out of it! Accents may seem like they take up space, but they are the easiest, and cheapest way to instantly add luxury and that boutique hotel feel to your room. 

You may initially think, let me splurge on a headboard & frame, since thats the biggest piece of furniture in the room. I challenge you with this: You can't change your headboard & frame out as the seasons change as easily as you can accents. No one stares at a headboard while staying in a room. you lie in bed and look around the room at the accents that tell your design story.

DEISGN TIP: Multiple textures will give the feeling of multiple layers to a room. Going with something plush, something sleek, something natural and something bold are always a combination that boutique hotels strive for, and now you can have too.

Try making your space a boutique of your own. You have to live in it, others may be there for a short stay, so make sure it reflects your style, and gives them a stay they will never forget or want to leave. 

Let us know how we can help you create that boutique feel in your home. Send us your before and afters to be featured on the site!