Dillon Couvillon


Dillon Couvillon

"What is the one thing I can do in a room, to completely change the look of the room?"

To limit a designer and decorator to only ONE thing, is a bit unfair, but for sake of the game... I'll play along. The one thing that makes an instant transformation to any space, large or small, and won't break your budget is... PAINT!

I know, I know, it sounds lame but it's true. Paint will evoke a totally different vibe to a room than it once had just by changing a shade or color. However, what paint color to choose for your space and your personality is all subjective. So we will dive into that in a later post.

I want to help make things easier on you when going to the hardware store and buying your paint. Think of this as you would your nail polish! Got your attention now didn't I ladies!?

The brighter and bolder nail polish color, the bigger the statement, the more subtle and matte, the easier to upkeep yourself and hide those knicks.

After standing in the aisle for 30 minutes deciding on what color you want, or the salon picking out a polish color, you have finally found THE ONE! Then you walk up to the counter and ask for your paint and are asked... "What finish would you like?" FINISH!? The only "finish" you want is to be finished with this decision making process. Am I right? Its like gel or clear coat or whatever else they offer you when you get your nails done.

I'm about to make it a whole lot easier for you. Ready?

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Getty Images

Finish is just basically a term to describe the FINAL look of the paint when its put on your walls. Here is my easy guide to know which one to choose for what room! While different paint companies will call their finishes different things, they are all based off of two things - luster and ease to clean.

FLAT - This is going to be the most matte finish, or chalky finish. This is going to hide the most imperfections in your wall should your walls be older and not a super flat. This is perfect for a high traffic area and ceilings. 

EGGSHELL - This is the paint for you in a room that you want a bit more luster to. This is ideal for a low lit room and is easier to clean than FLAT, but still hides some overlaps and wall imperfections.

SEMI GLOSS - This paint is going to be very reflective and great for a room that has a lot of light. It's best for rooms that are cleaned frequently like kitchens, bathrooms, doors, trim and molding. Use this as a guide: "The shinier the finish, the easier to clean."

SATIN - This paint is similar to EGGSHELL and SEMI GLOSS but has a more pearl-like finish. This paint is your go to for rooms with frequent rougher uses like a kids room & hallway. Bonus is that this paint helps withstand mildew, dirt and stains the best, and are better to withstand light scrubbing when cleaning.

HIGH GLOSS - This is the most shiny finish which will give the most vivid and rich colors. HINT: This one works best for deep jewel-toned colors. But know that the shinier finishes will show more imperfections, so stick to this if you're working with something brand new. Shiny reflective surfaces will make a space feel larger so this is great to use in smaller rooms.

Hopefully this is somewhat a helpful guide for you to know when picking out a paint the next time. Any color you want can come in ANY finish, so its really buyers choice.

We are going to have a post later about how to choose the right color for the right room, and what to do when you have more than one color to work with. 

We look forward to helping you decide things when it comes to your paint and all design and decor options. Let us know how we can help and send us your before and afters to be featured on the site!


BUYER TIP: Whatever finish you decide to use, know that the price does not differ greatly. So if you are set on one and they try to sell you another, it's not like they are trying to get more money out of you. However, paints with a built in primer (meaning you will only need one coat) are going to be a bit higher on the cost scale.