Dillon Couvillon


Dillon Couvillon


Let's be honest we all look at a catalog and wish that we could live inside of it's pages. I've dreamed that one day technology would let me take a couch out of the centerfold and just automatically place it in my living room. 

Since we aren't quite yet there in 2016, I wanted to teach you some tools to shop a look that you like (but is probably out of your price range) and show you how you can get the look for a whole lot less.

Let's take this clean modern dining room with a textured rustic charm (which I love), and lets give you the same look for less than $3,000

Restoration Hardware

Restoration Hardware

What I love about this room is its use of the classic black and white. Using those colors will make any space seem like a classic clean room, but the rustic and textured detailed are what really separate this dining room apart. However when you realize that cost of this room totals over $10,427, you quickly see why stealing a look can be a much better route.

Let's start with the lighting. Pictured is the Restoration Hardware (RH) round linen shade pendant that comes in a variety of sizes and cost up to $525. We found this 22" drum shade from Progress Lighting on Overstock.com for $123.49. For a savings of $401.51

Now for the chairs. Regardless of where you purchase, seating options and bulkier furniture will usually be a little higher priced. Think about it, they are used more frequently so you should consider spending a decent amount to make sure you are getting quality made products and something that will hold up over time.

The chairs in the pictured RH catalog can cost up to $739. We fond a great alternative. Williams Sonoma offered a great price on almost a perfect match for only $299. That saves us $440 on a chair. We can buy 2 for the price of 1! 

Tables are tricky. You want to find the perfect shape for your room, but you also want to make sure it doesn't swallow up every inch of free space in the room. The RH table is GORGEOUS, but it carries a price tag of $3,295. I love the look of the natural rustic wood, but newsflash, its not actually old reclaimed wood, so why pay that amount? I scored this dining table from Pier 1 for $699, saving us a total of $2,596 on the TABLE alone!

Art is everything in a room, you know I swear by it. These Kuba cloths hanging in the the RH dining room are great textiles to have that add motion, and character to these walls. The cloths are framed and sold for $1,295, but obviously we found a way to get the similar look for less. We found ElizabethEllenor's Etsy shop. She hand makes all of her abstract art in Austrailia, and these prints are a perfect substitute to the high price tag. These custom prints are only $14.04, and if you ask nicely I'm sure she would even print them on burlap for you for a few more bucks, matching the cloths even more closely. This custom swap helped saved $1,280.96.

textiles can always be expensive especially when handmade or woven. However they don't HAVE to be! We found great alternatives for both the curtains and the rug in the room. The curtains in the catalog cost as much as $439 for 2 panels, but we found some that achieve the same look from Pottery Barn and are on sale and cost only $59, saving us $380.

For the rug, RH has their 8'x10' hand-knotted rug priced at $4,134. While rugs are always pricey, we found one from a company called Dash & Albert that was priced at $1,140 for the same size. That saved us $2,994.

Overall, we managed to recreate this room for a fraction of the cost. We managed to save $8,092.47 on this project. With savings like that, you can afford to do another room in the house (or another 4 rooms!)

Have a catalog picture of a room that you love and you want us to recreate for less and help you steal the look? Email us and we will help you shop it for less, MUCH MUCH LESS!